Questions & Answers 

What is an independent educational consultant?
An independent educational consultant (IEC) is a non-biased third party with admissions experience and training who can help families focus on pre-college planning and all aspects of the college application process in an organized manner to reduce anxiety and stress and meet deadlines.
Why consult with an independent educational consultant when you have a college counselor at school?

College Primed complements your local school counselor’s efforts by working one-on-one with you more frequently to develop a customized strategic plan of action to achieve college choices that best meet your academic, personal, social, and financial priorities.  We have flexible yearlong schedules and are available to help you.


Most high school counselors simply have too many students (national ratio: 431 to 1) to give the kind of individualized attention necessary, particularly for application to highly competitive and selective colleges. 

Will you write the college application and scholarship essays for a student who is not comfortable in representing themself?

The college application and scholarship process are student-centered. While we will assist a student with brainstorming essay topics, the student will be the sole author of all essays.   We recommend that students began drafting the essays months before the application deadline, so the work can be reviewed multiple times for unintentional elements before submitting them.