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 On Track
11th & 12th
grade students


Heading 1

Heading 1


Applying to college involves managing many components:  course rigor, standardized tests, essays, recommendation letters, transcripts, resumes, college research, and campus visits, and each of these elements has a deadline attached.  


College Primed has several options for guidance on every aspect of the college application process. All packages get customized to align with the individual needs of each student. Some plans include access to an online management portal.   Sessions may address but are not limited to the following topics: 

  • Comprehensive interviews with students and parents and self-assessments

  • Development of a Personalized Action Timeline for College Admissions

  • Review academic transcript and plan for continued achievements  

  • Determine the ACT/SAT testing timeline and review test-optional choices

  • Identify Colleges to research, visit, and apply to 

  • Guidance on internships, employment, and summer experiences

  • Review and Inventory Activities to develop a strategic resume

  • Essay Support, brainstorming topics, and revision tips for impactful stories

  • Evaluate the pros and cons of applying Early Decision, Early Action, or Regular

  • Explore financial aid options, federal, state, institutional, & merit scholarships

  • Interview Preparation for admissions and scholarships 

  • Review the Common Application before submittal 

  • Guidance on how to manage Deferrals and Waitlist admission notices

  • Advisement on deciding which college to enroll 


How to get ON TRACK

1. Schedule a complimentary 20-min session to get acquainted


2.  Book an Initial/Strategy meeting for up to 90 minutes to discuss a preliminary plan based on the specific needs of the student & family and to include a recap with a general task timeline and resources to assist with your next steps.  

 Plan,  Strategize, Publish & Submit 

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