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9th and 10th grade

Heading 1

Heading 1

High school allows students to choose academic courses and activities of interest.  The student's interests could align with a preliminary plan for college admissions, and a few years to execute it can add clarity and fun to the process. 


Customized to the individual needs of each student and conducted through video conferencing, College Primed consulting sessions may include but are not limited to: 

  • Development of a Personalized Action Timeline 

  • Evaluation of the student's transcript 

  • Advice on multi-year course selections (Honors, AP, IB, DE, & AICE) 

  • Discussion on learning styles and techniques for retention

  • Preparation schedule and recommendations for PSAT testing 

  • Review results of PSAT scores to determine the next test, ACT or SAT or none

  • Time management and professional skills-building 

  • Goal setting for academic and personal achievements

  • Review of extracurricular, volunteering, and enrichment activities

  • Guidance on internships, employment, summer camp/program, and scholarship applications

  • Explore possible majors and careers 

  • Overview of current college admissions requirements and selection criteria 

  • Develop a preliminary list of colleges to research and visit to help define fit

 How to begin the KICK START program? 

Step 1. Schedule a complimentary 20-min session to get acquainted

Step 2. Book a FOLLOW-UP meeting or a SUPER SESSION to discuss a preliminary plan based on the specific needs of the student & family and to include a recap with a general task timeline and informative resources to assist with your next steps.  


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